It´s not about where it´s made, it´s about who makes it. We never compromise on quality and our philosophy is simple: Combining great design with the best materials and craftsmanship.


Functionality, simplicity and beauty are all vital parts of the Ackurat brand. We gather inspiration from the world of art, design and fashion to create watches both elegant and functional.

For us it´s important to create a balance between the Scandinavian, minimalistic look and interesting details in our quest to create classic timepieces with a modern touch.


Each Ackurat timepiece is underpinned by an uncomplicated love of minimalism and we approach design in a simple manner. We avoid the unnecessary but are obsessive about details and the finishing touches.

We’re not sure if our fastidious attention to detail is a gift or a curse, but it´s all to ensure the highest quality possible.


Perfection and commitment to quality are key factors in the Ackurat ateliers. We understand the importance of collaborating with those who have the experience and expertise and our watches is a result of uncompromising craftsmanship provided by each one of our gloabal manufacturing partners.

By taking the time to find the most skilled craftsmen, we can offer you a product that will stand the test of time.


Italy has a great tradition and knowledge of producing high quality leather. That´s why we exclusively use Italian nappa calf leather, a full-grain un-split leather that is very soft and pliable. The leather develops a patina over the years that adds to its beauty, and even if the leather is soft, it is very tough and durable.

To guarantee the highest possible quality, all of our leather products are handcrafted by our swiss manufacturing partner. A family-owned and run business that has been making leather goods for generations.